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Innovative earphones and accessories from Far End Gear (TM) that improve awareness of surroundings whilst active and listening to music. 

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Buy 2 items (including 1 earphone) from our ebay shop and receive a Far End Gear (TM) 'Carry Tin' for your gear worth £8.99

The Far End Gear (TM) range includes single stereo to mono earphones, XDU OneGood Earphone with reflective cord for safer outdoor activity, Short Buds with shorter cords, stereo and mono versions, Universal BudLoks in six trendy colours (Earphone Sports Grips to keep those earphones locked in) and Brite Buds with reflective cord in stereo and mono versions, enhancing safer walking, running and cycling outdoors!

These items can also improve the listening experience for those who are hard of hearing or are partially deaf in one ear. Sports fans listening to commentary or users of hand free kits may also benefit from having a free ear whilst receiving good quality stereo sound through a single earphone. Stereo Short Buds (with a short cord) and Brite Buds (fabric reflective cord) are also available as twin sets, however, we recommend that these are only used in a safe environment.

All products are covered by a 1 year manufacturers warranty against defects.

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January 2014

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